Questions & Answers

What month do the planners start? 

Our signature planners are undated so that you start them when you want. We include a sheet of custom stickers so that you can label your tabs according to which month you start. 


Are there different cover options? 

Both our Companion and our Desk Agenda come in two colors : Black and Oatmeal.


Why don't you have more colorful covers? 

Part of our motivation designing our own planner was to create something simple, minimal and professional. We find that we can be more dedicated to our planning with less visual distractions.


What are the specs for your planners?

Northfolk Companion: 6.5"  x  8.5"  x  1.5"
Northfolk Desk Agenda: 8" x 10" x 3.75"


What kind of paper do you use?

Our second edition planners have 100 gsm uncoated paper. It has held up to several pen tests with no bleeding or ghosting. 


What are the differences between the Companion and Desk Agenda?

The Companion is a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly layout.
The Desk Agenda is a weekly/monthly/yearly layout


Do the Northfolk planners lay flat when opened?

Our planners have a beautiful swiss binding and lay absolutely flat when opened.


When will I get my planner?

Pre-orders will start shipping late November, early December.


Is there a way to see all the pages of the planner?

Yes! You can flip through all pages of both planners HERE.