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Sam and Rachel are a boss babe duo that have been designing websites for the past 7+ years. Formerly, what you would call “competition,” we joined forces in 2014 to create Northfolk - a boutique website and design company. 

What started out as 2 women who wanted control of their busy lives and schedules quickly became a dream and a quest for the perfect planner.

Founded by Sam and Rachel in April of 2017, Northfolk Paper is located in beautiful Alaska & Colorado. 

Post-partum anxiety. Have you heard of it? Your probably in the same boat as us. You have, but just general knowledge of it. Postpartum anxiety doesn't get much attention the way postpartum depression does. 

Sam : In early 2017 I was 2 years into my second kiddo when the anxiety got so bad I was on the point of complete breakdown. I finally scheduled an appointment with my OB which resulted with me in his office shaking and crying and him on his cell phone with a psychiatrist friend. He told me I was the worst case he had seen and he wasn't comfortable treating me - but I had to be seen that day. I had no idea what I was battling the past 2 years. I thought it was typical "baby blues," and overwhelm of adding another kiddo - but it was so much more than that. And now I had let it go so long it was out of control. 

Between my OB and the psychiatrist, they wanted to put me on a good handful of medications. My husband was headed out of town for a week and being left alone with my kiddos I wasn't real excited about the fun list of side effects. I decided I was going to tackle this one my own. 

I sat down and started making lists trying to figure out exactly what was sparking my anxiety and emotional breakdowns. It all came down to control, and I had none. Im a big Excel fan, so I started creating some sheets I could use to keep track of things. Planning my day down to the hour, keeping track of healthy habits for myself and things around the house - thats what gave me the little sense of control that I needed. I needed to plan all the little daily parts of life, like making sure I got a shower. It seems silly but its what worked for me.

So why a planner? 

I LOVE planners! So much that I would buy them over and over again. I would use them for a week and then they would go on a shelf. I could never stick to anything because planning just took so much WORK. But the way I set things up for myself with my worksheets worked for me. So I nervously pitched it to Rachel - Let's print a planner! Something clean and minimal with no distractions. Something with white space and beautiful typography that made our little designer hearts happy! Something that looked less like my kids artwork hanging on the wall and more like something I could carry into meetings with me and felt confident planning my adult life with.

The Northfolk Planner was born.

Our Why

October - Sam and Rachel, formerly competition, joined forces to start Northfolk - a boutique design company specializing in custom brands and websites for creatives. We both brought several years of experience and our own unique strengths to the table.


April - The seed for Archive Paper was was on its way. We spent every free moment navigating every detail of a product based business and large scale production. Every single part of it was new territory for us. 

August - we crashed and burned with our first printer. We had to refund pre-orders, get new samples and pretty much start from square one. While it was discouraging, we kept moving forward.

November - we had a new printer lined up and books on the printing press.


April - Our first order of planners shipped the first week of February and in our hands by early April (we had some delays).
During that time, we worked on marketing, packaging, etc. And we STRUGGLED. The pieces just weren't fitting together the way we wanted.
A few weeks before our planners were set to arrive, we made a decision that we had been tossing around for a few months. We went back to our roots and decided to run our new gig under our beloved Northfolk. It was a hard decision, but one that just felt right. And ironically, all those little pieces finally started to come together. 

May - Our first edition planners hit our online store. 

September - You can pre-order our second edition Northfolk planners, scheduled for delivery in December.

November - Our new accessory line will hit our shop on Nov 1.